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Mentorship Program

Have you ever considered becoming a mentor or ever wished you had one? 
Are you a mentee looking for a mentor?

Apply now for our next cohort - Fall 2024

      Spots are limited. Get yours Now!

With INspiration, our Mentorship Program, you will learn the do’s and dont's of how to make the most out of a mentor relationship. You'll develop leadership skills, grow both personally and emotionally, and ultimately fulfill your long-term professional and personal goals. 



Having a mentor can help you raise your confidence, help you set and achieve goals, enable you to make connections that will expand your network, and open up all sorts of new opportunities. 

Becoming a mentor can be highly rewarding! The experience gives you the ability to have an impact in shaping the leaders of tomorrow, enhance your own leadership skills, improve communication skills, and leave a positive influence on someone’s career.

If you have any questions about our program, its impact, or how you can serve as either a mentor or mentee, please send us an email:

Applications for MENTORS welcomed
The kick-off to our Next Cohort is on February 29th, 2024.
Act fast because we're admitting only 15 pairs!

Hear Sheryl Sandberg talk about the
power of mentorships

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